Hydraulic Hammer Chisels


We have the following styles of Chisel available:-

Chisel Type Application / Use


Moil Point

General Demolition, Breaking and Quarry Work.

Demolishing Foundations.

Suitable for Concrete and Medium Hard Rock.


Buster (Tetrahedral Point)

All Demolition Work.

Breaking up Brickwork.

Very good in High-Strength Concrete

and Hard Rock.


Blunt Point

Crushing rock in Quarrying operations.

Slag Smashing in Foundries.

A very robust chisel.


Flat Point

General use in Demolition where a cutting

action is required.

Cleaving Rock Slabs.

Breaking Reinforced Concrete.


Wide Point

Strong cutting action.

Used mainly for cutting up Tarmac / Asphalt.

Breaking up redundant roadways.

Demolition work in lower strength Concrete.


Driving Tool

Used for Post and Pillar Driving / Ramming.

Solar Farm Panel Post driving.

Custom made to application / Post diameter.



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